About Me

As a journalist and Oxford University English graduate I ought to be able to string a sentence together.

I do more than that. I take the time to understand what your business is about. I work with you, tailoring my writing to your particular client base.

I understand that clients are first and foremost readers, when it comes to websites, press releases, blog posts and brochures. I know how to hook their interest and keep them reading.

I deliver clean copy ahead of time with no fuss.


With clear message delivery, you will see your client base grow. A confusing message puts prospective clients off.

Can you say what it is that you do in one sentence?

I won’t give you snappy, trite copy. I will research your business, take the time to get to know you and find the right words to describe your unique selling point.


I can also advise you on placing press releases and promoting your services via regional and national media.


I am not out to fleece you. We can discuss reasonable, fixed rates to suit your project.